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CONNY Grade-based Player Segmentation Policy Approved
At its September 27, 2016 meeting the CONNY Board of Directors overwhelmingly adopted...
CONNY Girls-Full Checking
At the last CONNY meeting in the beginning of the month,...
If you haven't already seen it, the following link will take...
BALTIMORE, Oct. 18, 2012 -- US Lacrosse today issued the following...
With a rise in reported concussions in youth sports over the past...
CONNY Grade-based Player Segmentation Policy Approved

At its September 27, 2016 meeting the CONNY Board of Directors overwhelmingly adopted a player segmentation policy for all member programs that is grade-based, but with an age filter. The change was driven by the US Lacrosse age-based guidelines and their goal of increasing fairness and player safety. The new policy also addresses the confusing mix of CONNY age-based and grade-based teams that has seriously complicated scheduling.

This summer, a broad CONNY subcommittee was formed and tasked with making a recommendation to the CONNY Board. The objective was to strike the right balance between the USL proposal and what was best for the diverse CONNY member programs. The draft was vetted, revised, and approved by the CONNY membership on September 27th. The policy creates a unified player segmentation policy that will be effective immediately.

The CONNY policy, which is grade-based with a firm oldest age cutoff for each grade, is a modified version of the USL recommendation. The committee felt this configuration would encourage participation and better ensure fairness and safety.

For players in grades 5-7, the age cutoff will be September 1st of the year preceding the season.  Those born before September 1st will automatically play up one grade. Players who are "young in grade" (i.e., are younger than their grade's birthday span) have the option of staying with their grade or playing down in grade. 

The cutoff for 8th grade was moved back to March 1st of the year preceding the season, which results in an 18-month age span. This allows the vast majority of 8th graders to continue playing for their town program. Those 8th graders born before the cutoff date can petition CONNY to be allowed to play. To help avoid mismatches at scheduling, the 8th grade section of the CONNY team tiering spreadsheet will include additional columns to show the number of players who do not meet the cutoff, as well as the birthdate of the oldest player.

Where feasible, CONNY requires programs to configure teams by single grade. If this is not possible, grades can be combined, but only within divisions (i.e. 7th and 8th grade Seniors and 5th and 6th grade Juniors). All programs will require grade declaration at the time of registration.

For players in grades K-4, CONNY will not enforce an age cutoff. There was strong consensus for keeping these grades to a traditional intro to lacrosse model. Most of these players are relatively new to lacrosse and the committee wanted to stress keeping it fun, emphasizing fundamentals, and playing 7v7 or another small-sided play configuration.

A FAQs sheet on the new player segmentation policy is posted under documents, as are an explanatory grid and grade-by-grade eligible birthday spans for the 2017 season.

by posted 09/28/2016
CONNY Girls-Full Checking

At the last CONNY meeting in the beginning of the month, the CONNY members voted on the girls rules for the season.  One of the topics was the full checking rule for Senior Girls.  Last year, all Senior girls games between Level 1 teams were played under full checking rules, and the decision was made at this year's meeting to include Level 2 teams for the 2016 season.    

However, we have received feedback from many programs that they don't feel they have enough time or resources to safely play under full checking rules this season.  While we feel strongly that this is a skill that should be taught to our players to prepare them for high school, we respect that programs may feel rushed to implement it for the beginning of the season.  As a result, we are rolling back the adoption of full checking for Senior level 2 teams to the rules used for 2015.  Full checking for level 2 teams can only be used if both teams elect to play by the full checking rules, notify each other in advance, and two adult certified officials are present.  

We hope that this alleviates the concern out there.  But we would also hope that programs realize they have an obligation to their players to include instruction on full checking as part of their curriculum at the senior level.  We will be sending out resources for teaching this skill to help support that development.  Also, we would encourage level 2 teams to aim to play one or two games (or more) under the full checking rules towards the end of the season, when players have been coached as to the proper technique and can perform the skill safely.  

We plan to have a more complete discussion regarding this rule at our fall CONNY meeting. 

by posted 03/23/2016
If you haven't already seen it, the following link will take you to a terrific documentary video about the origins, history, growth, and future of both men's and women's lacrosse. It is well worth the fifty-five minutes it runs.

The documentary does, however, omit one fascinating detail. James Naismith, credited with inventing basketball while teaching at Springfield College, was a Canadian and a lacrosse player. Thus, it's not that lacrosse is a lot like basketball ... it's that basketball is a lot like lacrosse.

by posted 05/15/2013

BALTIMORE, Oct. 18, 2012 -- US Lacrosse today issued the following statement on the complex nature of the collegiate recruting process for high school athletes:
Click here to read full statement

by Lisa Hurst posted 10/18/2012

With a rise in reported concussions in youth sports over the past several years, the CONNY Board is working to educate Program Administrators, coaches, and parents on concussion awareness.

To that end, we have created a "Concussions Resources" page on this website (on the left hand menu). This page is designed to assist your team, town, school, or league in creating a concussion awareness program. The resources available will also help parents and coaches with diagnosis and action when a player gets hit in the head. 

Thank you for addressing this highly relevant topic with your program coaches and parents.

by posted 12/22/2011
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