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CONNY Boys Lightning
CONNY General Meeting - Boys Lightning Working Group - Please attend...
CONNY Dues are owed by several programs
Past Due Payments Please open the attached document to see which...
CONNY 2018 Preparation Meetings
Update: CONNY Fall Meetings Announced Note - November 9th meeting...
CONNY Post Season Dates announced
A new season is being planned - welcome to the 2018 CONNY season   If...
If you haven't already seen it, the following link will take...
BALTIMORE, Oct. 18, 2012 -- US Lacrosse today issued the following...
With a rise in reported concussions in youth sports over the past...
CONNY Boys Lightning

CONNY General Meeting - Boys Lightning Working Group - Please attend if interested

Phone Discussion: Friday 11/17 at 10am

Dial in: +1-877-482-6140
Passcode:  52601  71251


The notes below summarize the work done so far by the working group. Feel free to join the call if you would like to make your views known to the working group.


We had a great meeting at Fairfield Prep on Thursday 11/9 which I will summarize below.



  1. Overwhelming support to continue with small sided play.  There was no discussion of moving to full field.
  2. Consistency.  We need to be clear with our communications and expectations for play at this level.  There should not be any confusion about what rules apply at a CONNY Lightning game.  
  3. Tweaking of the rules.  Several issues were touched on that could be addressed with some tweaking of the current rules.  A move to 8 v 8 (2-3-2 plus a goalie) has a lot of support.  Greenwich and other programs have used this format in "house league" which addresses some of the issues people had with the 2017 7v7 configuration.  GLE as the restraining line was also a major issue for many programs.
  4. Referees.  We need to be sure that we coordinate and enforce Lightning rules with WCLOA.  We need an agreeable pricing model for refereeing games at this level.  Some people have asked if using high school or junior refs is a solution here.  It worked for the girls program.
  5. Tiering and profiling of teams.  This is simple and will save us all a lot of grief.  We need to do profile and tier Lightning teams just like we do for Junior and Senior teams.  For those not familiar, this declares the size of the team (Greenwich will have about 15 per team at this level), strength (tier 1, 2, or 3), and grade or age based (for those at Prep you know Greenwich will play grade based with age segmentation across our entire program in 2018).    
  6. Season ending tournament.  This should remain small sided for consistency purposes.  But, for those who want to play full field at the end of the year, they could  declare this in their profile.
  7. Program compliance.  We need all of you as program heads (some are Presidents, some are VP boys, some are heads of Lightning, etc.) to own this.  We can also lean on the CONNY board to help with compliance across our league.  We have to get this right for the kids. 


At the meeting it was agreed a small committee would convene to make a final recommendation to the CONNY Executive Committee.  Here is a list of the volunteers.  This is on top of the participants from the 5 programs (Fairfield, New Canaan, Wilton, Darien, & Greenwich) that had a preliminary discussion (all copied to this note).  Below this note is the thread that summarizes the previous discussion and includes a table with Greenwich notes.   


  1. Erik Marro - North Haven 
  2. Derek Clinton – Madison  
  3. Mat Levine – Doc’s NYC  
  4. Scott Woodworth – Doc’s NYC 
  5. Kevin Massett – Newtown  
  6. Brent Botti – Cheshire  
  7. Jason Taylor – North Brantford  
  8. Craig Wingrove – Greenwich  
Next meeting: Call Friday 11/17 at 10am.
Dial in: +1-877-482-6140
Passcode:  52601  71251

by posted 11/15/2017
CONNY Dues are owed by several programs

Past Due

Past Due Payments

Please open the attached document to see which programs owe dues to CONNY and how much. Please contact Buddy Zachery our treasurer as soon as possible to make these payments.

Buddy's email is


The document is here


David Pretlove CONNY Webmaster / VP Communications

by posted 11/10/2017
CONNY 2018 Preparation Meetings

Update: CONNY Fall Meetings Announced

Note - November 9th meeting is for all member programs, boys and girls.

- Agendas will be posted soon

CONNY GIRLS Lacrosse Meeting - November 1st 2017 at 7:30pm

Agenda available in 2018 Section: http://CONNYLACROSSE.ORG/Documents.asp?n=131352&org=CONNYLACROSSE.ORG

Where: Fairfield Prep - Student Life Center




CONNY FALL Meeting - November 9 2017 at 7:00 pm

Where:  Fairfield Prep - Student Life Center

For all programs (boys and girls) - recap last year and discuss policies and tournament plans for 2018

Parking at Fairfield Prep

at the main Fairfield Prep Lot and go into the main entrance to Prep

or park behind RecPlex / Alumni Hall and enter via the side doors to the Student Life Center



Also - please register here if you represent any of our programs. Registration will add you to the main mailing lists CONNY will use for the upcoming season.


by posted 10/26/2017
CONNY Post Season Dates announced

A new season is being planned - welcome to the 2018 CONNY season


If you are a contact for a CONNY program - President, Vice President, Treasurer, Manager, Scheduler or Coach, please register here  We cannot use the information which is linked from other club sites to email so this is our primary means to get in contact with the programs.


The planned tournament dates are posted here


Thanks for your continued commitment to Youth Lacrosse in Connecticut

by posted 10/21/2017
If you haven't already seen it, the following link will take you to a terrific documentary video about the origins, history, growth, and future of both men's and women's lacrosse. It is well worth the fifty-five minutes it runs.

The documentary does, however, omit one fascinating detail. James Naismith, credited with inventing basketball while teaching at Springfield College, was a Canadian and a lacrosse player. Thus, it's not that lacrosse is a lot like basketball ... it's that basketball is a lot like lacrosse.

by posted 05/15/2013

BALTIMORE, Oct. 18, 2012 -- US Lacrosse today issued the following statement on the complex nature of the collegiate recruting process for high school athletes:
Click here to read full statement

by Lisa Hurst posted 10/18/2012

With a rise in reported concussions in youth sports over the past several years, the CONNY Board is working to educate Program Administrators, coaches, and parents on concussion awareness.

To that end, we have created a "Concussions Resources" page on this website (on the left hand menu). This page is designed to assist your team, town, school, or league in creating a concussion awareness program. The resources available will also help parents and coaches with diagnosis and action when a player gets hit in the head. 

Thank you for addressing this highly relevant topic with your program coaches and parents.

by posted 12/22/2011
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