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CONNY Twitter feed @CONNYLacrosse
CONNY experimenting in social media @CONNYlacrosse is our twitter...
CONNY Tournament Seeding Meeting
CONNY Tournament Seeding Meeting.  May 23 2018 For 14U...
2018 CONNY Boys' Rules of Play Posted
The final 2018 CONNY Senior & Junior Boys' Rules of Play...
LIGHTNING TOURNAMENTS announcement   The CONNY Board is...
#MikeyStrong Go Fund Me Appeal
The CONNY Board wishes the best to Mikey Schneider, a member of the...
CONNY 2018 Officers
  CONNY 2018 Officers Office Name Town President*   Rich...
How to documents updated
How To Documents are updated   The declaration process...
If you haven't already seen it, the following link will take...
BALTIMORE, Oct. 18, 2012 -- US Lacrosse today issued the following...
With a rise in reported concussions in youth sports over the past...
CONNY Twitter feed @CONNYLacrosse

CONNY experimenting in social media

@CONNYlacrosse is our twitter handle

#CONNYTournaments hashtag

This should become the quickest way to keep you all informed about changes during Tournament season, and keep the Youth Lacrosse community connected all year.

Please follow 

CONNY webmaster

by posted 06/01/2018
CONNY Tournament Seeding Meeting

CONNY Tournament Seeding Meeting.  May 23 2018

For 14U / 12 U (Senior / Junior) teams

Lightning teams will be seeded in pools for jamboree style play - lightning coaches do not need to attend

The CONNY Tournament Seeding Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday May 23rd, 8-11pm @ Brownson Country Club 15 Soundview Ave, Huntington (Shelton) CT 06484. Web address is

Please make it a priority to attend if at all possible. If you are not able to attend please contact one of the competition AVPs who can be found here - for Boys John Karafa, for Girls Amanda Gerich.

by posted 05/11/2018
2018 CONNY Boys' Rules of Play Posted

The final 2018 CONNY Senior & Junior Boys' Rules of Play and the separate 8v8 CONNY Lightning Boys' Rules of Play are now posted in the 2018 Boys Documents folder under CONNY Documents in the left menu About CONNY dropdown list.

The Boys Rules Test should be available before March 1.


Lightning Rules


Senior and Junior Rules

by posted 02/22/2018



The CONNY Board is excited to announce the date for the CONNY Lightning Tournament (girls and boys).


The Tournament will be held at Trumbull High School on June 2nd 2018. Same location for both Boys and Girls tournament.


The format will be 8v8 (small sided) as announced for CONNY play in 2018. More information to come - lightning teams please save the date.

by posted 02/21/2018
#MikeyStrong Go Fund Me Appeal

The CONNY Board wishes the best to Mikey Schneider, a member of the Norwalk Junior Lacrosse club. Here is information about an appeal to support Mikey and his family:


From Jack Couch, CONNY Board member and Norwalk Junior Lacrosse Board member, and Coach Matt Corry:


Dear CONNY Lacrosse Community,
I'm writing to share upsetting news about a member of the Norwalk Junior Lacrosse community,  Michael (Mikey) Schneider. Mikey, a 6th grader and dedicated NJrL laxer, was recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a cancer of the nervous system. It's heartbreaking and devastating but Mike seems to be in good spirits and feeling ok...and if ever there were a family of scrappy, boisterous, loving fighters, it's the Schneider clan!! 


His cancer has metastasized throughout his body and will be difficult to treat. Most important, though, his cancer is treatable, and there is no reason to believe that Mikey will not make a full recovery. But it will be a long, tough fight. The Schneider Family and those who love Mikey all feel lucky that he is alive and that there is hope. He is truly pain free and is his typical fun loving, goofy self.


Those who know Mikey are not surprised to learn, that in true Michael Schneider fashion, even his high risk cancer falls into the “Go Big or Go Home” category. His tumor is so large that it has actually pushed his liver into the other side of his body.  His Oncology team can not believe he has been able to wrestle so intensively for the last four years, play soccer, play lacrosse for both Norwalk and the Maker A Wish Lax programs, and pursue all of his other activities. His wrestling nickname, “Magic Man” has actually become a self-fulfilling has his other wrestling nickname, “Chaos.” Michael never disappoints, right?!


If anyone can do this, it will be Mikey.  As many of you know, Mikey never chooses the easy path and will always do things his own way, with a little Mikey swagger.  We expect no difference here. 


The Schneider Family can’t thank you all enough for the support, love and care you have already given to their family.  #MikeyStrong will be the motto for all of us to use during the long fight ahead. #MikeyStrong will serve him well and serve as a reminder to us all about how tough and resilient Michael will be in his fight against cancer. One of Michael’s greatest strengths is that he will always try 200% to never let himself or anyone else down. 


Go Fund Me Page
Let's all show our support for Mikey in his battle and consider even the smallest donation to help his family through this very difficult time.  Here's a link to a Go Fund Me page that has been set up to support Mikey and the entire Schneider Family:


As Mikey's lacrosse coach for the last 6-7 years, this hits home and I am "all in" to help this wonderful young man in his fight.  He is truly a joy to be around and I can't wait to get him back on the field after his battle is won.  You will be hearing from me with updates and additional pleas for support.  Please just click the link...perhaps you'll be inspired to help.


Coach Matt Corry
Boys Coordinator
Norwalk Junior Lacrosse

by posted 02/13/2018
CONNY 2018 Officers


CONNY 2018 Officers

Office Name Town
President*   Rich Greenwood Fairfield
VP-Competition*  Paul Farren Guilford
VP-Girls League Play*  Amanda Gerich  Stamford
VP-Girls League Play Jamie Czajkowski West Hartford Girls
VP-Boys League Play*  Bill Giugno Monroe
Treasurer*  Buddy Zachery  
Secretary*  Jack Couch Norwalk
VP-Communications Dave Pretlove Amity
VP-Training Mike Whitney Wolcott
AVP-Competition-Girls Amy Alvord Westport
AVP-Competition-Boys Brent Botti Cheshire
AVP-Competition-Boys Pat Coleman Greenwich
AVP-Competition-All Stars Scott Heaney Glastonbury
AVP-Boys League Play John Karafa Stratford
AVP-Boys League Play Gary Bauer Stratford
Immediate Past President* Andrew Barnard Darien
President Emeritus Bob Russell Madison


* Officers mandated in CONNY Bylaws; all other officers are added at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

To contact any of the officers please click here

by posted 02/01/2018
How to documents updated

How To Documents are updated


The declaration process page has been updated - see here


Tips and tricks of how to ensure you can schedule games and that the correct teams are registered are shown.


Additional documents:

how to schedule and update scores  here

what is needed to set up teams when the town website is not hosted by League Athletics (now known as SI Play) here


How To folder:



Remember when creating games:

Allow sufficient time - 1 hr 15 mins or 1 hr 30 mins to complete a full game, less for running time games

If the game is cancelled, use the STATUS = CANCEL and never delete a game

For girls senior division games, indicate Full checking game or not in the game type


Lightning (and bantam) games are "small sided" 8v8 games. Make sure your teams are sized appropriately, and that you declare enough teams at the age group to support the 8v8 format. Note that CONNY fees are reduced (50%) versus the teams for full field 10v10 play. Also you may wish to add new fields to accommodate 8v8 play (so you can schedule on the same full sized field 2 8v8 games at the same time) If so, contact  to add more fields. 

by posted 01/30/2018
If you haven't already seen it, the following link will take you to a terrific documentary video about the origins, history, growth, and future of both men's and women's lacrosse. It is well worth the fifty-five minutes it runs.

The documentary does, however, omit one fascinating detail. James Naismith, credited with inventing basketball while teaching at Springfield College, was a Canadian and a lacrosse player. Thus, it's not that lacrosse is a lot like basketball ... it's that basketball is a lot like lacrosse.

by posted 05/15/2013

BALTIMORE, Oct. 18, 2012 -- US Lacrosse today issued the following statement on the complex nature of the collegiate recruting process for high school athletes:
Click here to read full statement

by Lisa Hurst posted 10/18/2012

With a rise in reported concussions in youth sports over the past several years, the CONNY Board is working to educate Program Administrators, coaches, and parents on concussion awareness.

To that end, we have created a "Concussions Resources" page on this website (on the left hand menu). This page is designed to assist your team, town, school, or league in creating a concussion awareness program. The resources available will also help parents and coaches with diagnosis and action when a player gets hit in the head. 

Thank you for addressing this highly relevant topic with your program coaches and parents.

by posted 12/22/2011
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